About me:

Communication with heart and mind.
A passionate mediator.

My aim is to create communication structures that strengthen companies in the long term. To this end, I offer advice that adapts flexibly to the specific needs of each company and promotes a respectful, appreciative and cooperative approach.

As Head of Corporate Communications for a group with almost 10,000 employees in 50 national companies, I was not only responsible for all communications topics, but also for political issues and the area of sustainability. Before that, I advised clients from a wide range of industries for various agencies.

My experience in communicating change processes motivated me to undertake additional training as a mediator and I have been a certified mediator since 2021.

I started my professional career over 30 years ago as a radio presenter. After several positions in the music industry and my degrees in civil engineering and business administration from RWTH Aachen University, I saw PR work as an opportunity to combine my experience from the media world with my academic training.

Today, I am a partner in the mediation law firm Ponschab + Partner, a member of the Mediation Center Munich and the association MKBauImm Mediation and Conflict Management in the Construction and Real Estate Industry e.V. as well as the Business Network International (BNI). I also teach Integrated Communication and Sustainability at the International School of Management (ISM).

My offer for companies:



Success through clear messages

I support companies in communicating their core messages clearly and purposefully, which strengthens their brand identity and contributes to a consistent brand presence.

Through strategic communication consulting, I help to avoid misunderstandings and proactively address conflicts. This enables organizations to communicate effectively and successfully with different stakeholder groups.



Resolving conflicts competently

Mediation strengthens dialog and supports conflicting parties in developing viable solutions together. It promotes a deeper understanding of the concerns and perspectives of all parties involved.

Mediation can repair relationships and prevent future conflicts. It also offers an efficient and often more cost-effective alternative to legal disputes.

Strategic partnerships and networking

For projects that require specialist knowledge or a more comprehensive approach, I use a network of trusted partners. These collaborations enable me to put together a team tailored to your needs and successfully implement even complex projects.

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