Lars Stühlen – Communication & Mediation

Effective change through the power of communication

Successful change processes require communication that creates clarity in times of uncertainty.

My services for you are at the interface between communication consulting and modern conflict management. By combining a deep understanding of human interaction with strategic communication management, I encourage my clients not only to manage change, but to use it as an opportunity for growth and development.

Changes in the company often lead to uncertainty and conflict.

Do your teams, customers and partners have doubts about the planned changes? Do you fear a loss of image that could lead to key employees and customers leaving? With my specialized communication consulting and mediation, I offer tailor-made solutions.

I help to restore trust and promote a positive dynamic in order to navigate your company safely through change and strengthen its reputation both internally and externally.

Lars Stühlen –
your specialist for communication and mediation.

With a degree in civil engineering and business administration from RWTH Aachen University, I have a rare combination of technical understanding and business expertise. I have deepened my mediation skills through certified training.

More than two decades of professional experience in corporate communications, both in agencies and in management positions in corporate communications for a global corporation, have sharpened my profile.

During my career, I have provided communications support for various change initiatives and led projects to success.

Portrait Lars Stuehlen

“I will be happy to assist you with your success, clear communication and conflict resolution.”



Success through clear messages

I support companies in communicating their core messages clearly and purposefully, which strengthens their brand identity and contributes to a consistent brand presence.

Through strategic communication consulting, I help to avoid misunderstandings and proactively address conflicts. This enables organizations to communicate effectively and successfully with different stakeholder groups.



Resolving conflicts competently

Mediation strengthens dialog and supports conflicting parties in developing viable solutions together. It promotes a deeper understanding of the concerns and perspectives of all parties involved.

Mediation can repair relationships and prevent future conflicts. It also offers an efficient and often more cost-effective alternative to legal disputes.

Your path to success

Your path to success begins with a comprehensive analysis of your current communication practices. Based on this, I will advise you individually and develop tailor-made solutions. These strategies are implemented with the utmost care in order to achieve your communication goals efficiently. Finally, I carry out thorough controlling to ensure the effectiveness of the measures and guarantee your long-term success. This four-stage approach promises sustainable optimization of your corporate communications.

1. Analysis

The process starts with a thorough analysis of your existing communication channels and structures. This step is crucial for recognizing strengths and identifying areas with potential for improvement.

2. Consulting

Based on the results of the analysis, I develop customized consulting solutions. My aim is to make strategic recommendations that support and advance your communication goals.

3. Implementation

The recommended strategies are implemented precisely and adapted to the needs of your company. I ensure a smooth implementation to increase the efficiency of your communication processes.

4. Control

Finally, I check the effectiveness of the measures implemented. Through continuous evaluation, I ensure that your communication strategy achieves the desired success and guarantees sustainable improvements.

Discover the communicative power of your company.